Life as an Engineering Intern at GE Healthcare

Lorena Leal dos Santos has studied Electronics and is now studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Centro Universitário FMU | FIAM-FAAM. As well as studying she is working at GE Healthcare as an Engineering Intern. In this article, Lorena shares her experience so far and her hopes and aspirations for the future.

Lorena Leal dos Santos Engineering Intern at GE Healthcare Brazil

LORENA LEAL DOS SANTOS intership at GE Healthcare


What were your favourite subjects at High School? How did this lead to you studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering?
My favourite subjects have always been in the area of science and engineering. Because I found maths and calculations easy, my father encouraged me to do an electronics technician course at SENAI to see if I liked it. So, in 2019 I started at SENAI and finished in 2020, at the same time as high school.
Then because I had already become familiar with electronics, I decided to start a degree course in electrical engineering. I am enjoying the combination of my degree course and my internship.

You are studying and working at the same time. How do you balance that?
I organise myself so that my workload doesn’t become too heavy or too tiring.
So, I work at GE Healthcare in the morning and afternoon from 08:00 to 15:00 and then in the evening I go to college.
Sometimes because it is a test day, I need to alter the schedule, but I find that I can handle everything.

Internship at Ericsson

Lorena Leal Dos Santos with GE Optima Healthcare equipment

What did the internship at Ericsson involve?
At Ericsson I was responsible for reporting the access releases in TIM’s (Telecom Italia) power towers for that week’s planned maintenance.
So, every day, I sent emails to the ASP’s (Authorised Service Providers) who were responsible for maintenance. I needed to check with them if the power towers were already released for maintenance. Then every second Wednesday and Friday I would send a report to my manager.

Internship at GE Healthcare

Why did you choose to move into the medical field for your second internship?
The main reason was because I wasn’t getting much experience in my first internship. So, I wasn’t developing as I wanted. When I was looking for new internships, I found the internship vacancy at GE, and I found it interesting when I read about it. I decided to try it, and today I love being a Field Engineering Intern in the medical industry.
Can you describe a typical day at GE?
On a typical day, I accompany another engineer to a customer. Once there, we try to resolve, diagnose, or perform preventive maintenance. Sometimes there is a defect in some of the medical equipment, we resolve it, carry out the service order and then leave.
You have been at GE for a year. How has the internship developed and changed you over this time?
I believe I have matured a lot and broadened my views in my professional career. As well, I have learned a lot from my colleagues during this time. I still have another year of internship to develop even more with GE.
Who has been most helpful to you?
I believe that all my colleagues have been very helpful to me. Some have been really inspiring, but they have all taught me and helped me to grow.

LORENA LEAL DOS SANTOS with open equipment


Who inspired you?
The people who helped me the most and inspired me the most were my parents, in particular, my father. He was the one who helped me choose the SENAI course. Then, he helped me put together my CV/Resume and send it to companies. He supported me and encouraged me to gain an internship in a multinational company.

Engineering Internships at GE Healthcare

Why would you recommend an internship to others who are studying?
An internship is the best way for you to:
start having other types of thinking,
mature personally and professionally,
get a lot of work and career experience.
All this leads to you improving your CV/Resume more and more.
How would you advise other young people to find internships?
If people are after internships, there are several sites I used, for example:

In addition, look for opportunities directly with the companies which interest you. You can search for the companies on the internet and apply to be part of their selection process.
My main tip for those who want to start an internship is to never give up your goals. Sometimes it will seem impossible, and it will seem like nothing will work. However, in the end, with a lot of dedication and patience it will work. You will join your dream company or achieve your career goal.
Nowadays I love my internship and every day that passes I learn more and more, every day brings a different challenge, a different situation and different equipment.

Lorena Leal Dos Santos with open GE Optima MRI scanner

The future after studying and working as an engineering intern

What do you think you would like to do once you graduate?
To be honest, I’m still thinking about what I’m going to do after I graduate. My plan at the moment is to study for a post graduate qualification in business management. That’s because I think it’s a broad course and I believe it’s another step towards great growth.
Are you going to stay in the medical industry? If not, why not?
I intend to continue in the medical industry. It is an area that I can identify with and is always very interesting. Each day brings a different challenge and a lot of learning. I like this dynamic routine which is full of challenges.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I see myself doing well at GE, having finished all my studies and graduated. I would like to have moved out and be living alone or planning for this. Lastly, I would like to be financially stable.
As you gain experience as an engineer, do you want to stay hands on or move into management or become more sales and marketing based?
At the moment I am thinking about sales and marketing, but over time and developing professionally, I would like to move into management in the more distant future.

Lorena Leal Dos Santos at work bench

Personal future plans after working as an Engineering Intern at GE Healthcare

Apart from work what are your plans and dreams for your future?
I’m going to throw myself into another challenge – an adventure alone. The adventure I am planning is to travel alone through four countries and cities in Europe. The four I have chosen are:
Paris (France)
London (England)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Lisbon (Portugal).
I’m going to travel in order to practice my English and also to have stories to tell about my adventures alone in Europe.
Now my greatest happiness is to be so young and to be where I am in my third year of college, with an internship in a multinational, and a completed technical course. Being so young and being where I am is very rewarding and I just have to thank my greatest supporter, who is my dad.

Lorena Leal Dos Santos by GE Optima MRI scanner

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  1. Wow! That’s an awesome article about Lorena. She is a lovely professional. I’m a fan of hers, and I hope she continues bring out her best, always!

    1. Thanks Fausto, when Engineers like you and your colleagues support young engineers like Lorena in their career you build a platform for success. This is just what The Field Engineer community was created to support and to showcase.