Twenty skills for a successful Field Service Engineer

This article focuses on the skills needed to be a successful Field Service Engineer (FSE). The Field Engineer online community has members from over 110 countries from many different industries and sectors. There are some skills which they all have in common.

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What are your top three field service engineer skills?

At any time, all over the world, there are field engineers working. They are working in different industries, some remotely, some onsite. Sometimes it’s an installation or maintenance, other times it is an urgent repair.
Their technical skills will vary, and so will their levels of experience.
However, there are some skills which the good engineers share.

The Top Twenty field service skills

Here are the top twenty.

Hands on mechanical skills
Ability to communicate clearly with colleagues and clients
Strong listening and customer service skills
Knowledge of computer software and hardware
Problem-solving abilities
Capable of analytical thinking
Organizational skills and task management
Attention to detail
Ability to follow detailed plans and instructions
Knowledge of health and safety and the relevant field service skills
Ability to follow procedures
Very technical way of thinking
Interest in technology and innovations and happy to keep up with current trends
Knowledge of other languages – even if only basic
Ability to simplify technical data for non-technical clients or colleagues
Calm and methodical when overcoming difficulties
Excellent time management skills
Ability to multitask
Keen to develop new skills
A sense of humour

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Have we forgotten any?

Which other ones would you add to the top twenty skills?

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