Staying cool when working as a Field Engineer

A lot of field engineers work in heat whether outside or inside. How can you stay cool and well when the temperature is rising?

Take regular breaks and don’t skip one even if you are working to a deadline. Take the break in the shade or somewhere cooler if possible.
Make sure your team leader, home office, support team know the temperature of where you are working.
Start drinking before you begin work.
Keep a regular supply of water and drink every 15-20 minutes (don’t wait until you are thirsty) and keep drinking regularly even if you have a break in an air-conditioned space.
Use water as a body coolant – back of neck and back of wrists should help.

Limit your intake of caffeine and reduce coffee, tea and energy drinks.
Eat little and often and include food or drink which contain electrolytes, for example:
Peaches, radishes, watermelon, coconut water.
Eating spicy foods, although counterintuitive, helps too.

Skin and hair
Keep covered, wear a hat if outside and use sunscreen. Long hair is better tied up and away from the face
Physical activity
Slow down and move more slowly when you can. Give your body chance to acclimatise.
Invest in a cooling vest and wear loose clothing if possible.

Heat stroke/heat exhaustion
Make sure you are aware of the signs both in yourself and others.

Do you have any other tips?

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