Tips and advice when visiting Jordan as a Field Engineer

Recommendations when you visit Jordan

As a field engineer when you visit Jordan for the first time, it is very important to have some useful information that will ensure a successful trip.
This article looks at different points to consider when you visit Jordan as a field engineer.

Sakher Fadaleh Visit Jordan
Sakher Fadaleh

The author

Sakher Fadaleh has many years of experience in installing and qualifying medical instruments and machines. He has worked in many different countries and sometimes under challenging or extreme conditions or when there was limited infrastructure.
Previously, Sakher was a Technical Support and Validation Specialist for analytical research and medical instruments for Thermo Fisher Scientific. He managed a service team covering Africa and Asia. The service team installed Liquid, Gas and Ion Chromatography, Mass spectroscopy, Molecular, and Elemental instruments.


Jordan is a kingdom in the Middle East, and its king is King Abdullah bin Hussein.
It is a safe and peaceful country to visit, and the people are friendly and don’t have a fear of foreigners; they like to help others.

Temple of Hercules with Amman City capital of Jordan in the background
Temple of Hercules with Amman City capital of Jordan in the background


When you travel to visit Jordan, you will land at Queen Alia Airport, which is modern and has many facilities. If you are not Arabic, you must pay a $56 (US dollars) visa fee before continuing your trip.


Outside the airport, there are official airport taxis that you can use to get anywhere. Do not use unauthorized taxis because they are terrible and risky cars.
For transportation during your stay, I recommend only using taxi apps like Uber and Careem. I suggest that you download the Apps when you reach Jordan. This is the better option as you will get the correct settings.

A potash plant
A potash plant


The second language in Jordan after Arabic is English.


For a business trip, I recommend staying solely in five or four-star hotels. In these you will find everything you need.

Weekends or rest days

If you have weekends and want to travel elsewhere, you can find many places you may visit.


Petra City, one of the seven wonders of the world, is a wonderful historical city in the south of Jordan. There is a lot of information about it on the internet, but it is worth a visit.

The Dead Sea

Dead Sea Jordan
Dead Sea Jordan

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth at 427 meters below sea level. In fact, the Dead Sea is a large lake with very salty water, so nothing can live in it. The water and soil of the Dead Sea include various kinds of rare salts and elements that clean and sterilize the body and make the skin smoother and more active. As well you can float without swimming on it.

Dead Sea salt Jordan
Dead Sea salt Jordan

Roman and Greek buildings in Jordan

There are also many Roman and Greek buildings and theatres in Amman (capital) and Jerash cities.

Rum Valley

Wadi Rum Jordan
Wadi Rum Jordan

Another place to visit is Rum Valley, where many Hollywood science fiction movies were made since it is similar in appearance to Venus.

Jordan climate and lifestyle

The climate in Jordan is good; it is not too hot in the summer (maximum 35 degrees) and not too cold in the winter (below 10 degrees).
Our food in Jordan is the best healthy food in the world because the Mediterranean Diet is based on vegetables, olive oil, dairy products, meat, and fish. It is very tasty, and no one complains about it.
Jordan is a secularist country and not a religious one, so you can find alcoholic drinks and night life.

Field engineer equipment

Because I have been a field service engineer for over 20 years, I am aware that engineers occasionally require special tools, fitting components, connector tubes, gases, industrial and tool shops, and CNC machines. All of which can be found in Jordan because it is an industrial country and the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in the Middle East and Africa.


I hope that this information is useful for when you visit Jordan as a field engineer.

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