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The Field Engineer community now has members from over 100 different countries. Within those countries, engineers are working in different regions, in different industries, and in very different conditions.
In this article we highlight twelve of our members to give a glimpse of the variety of field engineers globally. Some are near the beginning of their careers, and some have decades of experience.

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Anthony W Gomez

Anthony W. Gomez is a Biomedical Engineer from The Gambia working for the Medical Research Council Unit – The Gambia at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
During his career he has been responsible for minor equipment installation, calibration, and preventive and corrective maintenance. Then he managed higher-level technologies on research and clinical diagnostic technologies from technology acquisition to user training and technology retirement. This gave him greater experience as a field service engineer along with advanced factory service training with a wider opportunity to network with other engineers nationally and internationally.
Anthony feels that healthcare technology management in biomedical engineering is an important component in every research and healthcare institution, especially in remote locations like The Gambia.

Anthony W Gomez Biomedical Engineer Medical Research Council Unit - The Gambia at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Lina Agyekumwaa Asante

Lina A. Asante is a Senior Clinical Engineering Manager from Ghana. At present she is the 2022 Dr. Lee Jong-wook Fellow and is studying in South Korea.

She is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Ghana (IET-GH), where she serves as a member of the Standing Committee on Programmes and Conferences. As a healthcare technology enthusiast, Lina researches current trends in healthcare technology and looks forward to contributing meaningfully to the healthcare industry. She is a passionate STEM advocate who believes in helping others and engages voluntary schemes in her spare time.

Lina Agyekumwaa Asante Biomedical Engineer

Arturo Gonzalez

Arturo Gonzalez was born and raised in Panama City, Panama and recently moved to Spain. He studied Mechanical Engineering at The Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá.
Arturo is a Field Service Engineer for Alfa Laval. He has been working for three years in the field specialising in ballast water treatment systems.

Arturo Gonzalez Field Service Engineer for Alfa Laval

Jonathan Haymans

Jonathan Haymans is a Field Service Engineer for ITW Hartness, a world-class manufacturer committed to developing customer-focused solutions and commercial innovations for the secondary packaging industry.
He recently joined the company and will be installing, commissioning, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing case packing machines. The machines take containers of varying type and load them into shipping cases of different natures at high speed.
Jonathan is based in the United States and also has experience working in The Netherlands.

Jonathan Haymans Field Service Engineer for ITW Hartness

José Barreiro Blanco

José Barreiro Blanco is a Field Service Engineer for graphic arts pre-press equipment, mainly for newspapers. This includes working on laser film cameras, film processors, computer to plate equipment, thermal, polymer and violet plate processors, UV insulators, plate bending/perforating machines, plate washers and printers. He works for different companies including AGFA, Maquimpres, Ferpa Graphic, and Raul Artes Graficas.
He is based in Spain but currently working in Latin America.

José Barreiro Blanco Field Service Engineer for Agfa graphic arts prepress equipment
José Barreiro Blanco

Darren Hunt

Darren Hunt started his working life after completing his education in the RAF (UK) as Ground Crew working in Propulsion.
He is now a Senior Mechanical Engineer in the gas turbine group and works for Siemens Energy. Darren recently qualified to work with the SGT 800 from Siemens Energy Finspöng, Sweden.
Darren is from the United Kingdom but works in Dubai.

Darren Hunt Senior Mechanical Engineer Siemens Energy

Jared Okumu

Jared Okumu studied Engineering at The Technical University of Kenya and is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. His experience as an engineer includes telecommunications, electrical installation, PLCs, diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Jared is currently working as a Field Power Technician-Supervisor for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). He is managing power generation and distribution networks within the UN Torit camp.

Jared Okumu Field Power Technician-Supervisor for the United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS)

Rachel Wakelin

Rachel Wakelin has worked as a Field Sales Engineer for many years and has specialised in industrial components and electronics. Most recently she worked for Phoenix Contact covering East Anglia.
She has also been a STEM Ambassador and in this role has encouraged children, particularly girls, to study science and engineering.
Rachel is based in the United Kingdom.

Rachel Wakelin Field Sales Engineer

Michelle Oduro-Amoateng

Michelle Oduro-Amoateng is from Ghana and studied Marine Engineering at the Regional Maritime University.
She has experience working on Mercy Ships and now works as a Marine Engine Cadet for Royal Caribbean International based out of California in the United States.

Michelle Oduro-Amoateng Marine Engineer

Aju George

Aju George is from India and has worked as a Field Service Engineer for Philips and Cyrix Healthcare. He has completed a degree in biomedical engineering and is now studying for a master’s degree in medical engineering at FAU Erlangen- Nürnberg in Germany.

Aju George Field Service Engineer for Philips and Cyrix Healthcare

Oluwaseun Adu

Oluwaseun Adu has over 12 years of experience as a Field Service Engineer and has specialised in automation, instrumentation, and control. He studied electrical and electronics engineering as well as mechatronics.
Oluwaseun is currently working for the Italian company SACMI Packaging & Chocolate SpA.
Before that he spent 7 years with Anheuser-Busch based in Nigeria.

Oluwaseun Adu Field Service Engineer SACMI Packaging & Chocolate SpA

Ruth Otieno

Ruth Otieno is a Field Service Engineer for Philips and is based in Kenya.
She is driven by her love of ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) and DEI (Diversity, equity, and inclusion) to serve in different networks in different capacities. For example, she is Board Secretary for a CBO (community-based organisation) called the Changing Hearts Initiative.
As a world citizen her goals include to use her platform, ability, and everyday activities to advocate for a sustainable world and a sustainable future for the next generations.

Ruth Otieno Field Service Engineer at Philips

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