The value of diversity in field engineering teams

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How can field engineering teams become more diverse

Organisations want a truly inclusive team of field engineers so that they can be world leading and a great place to work. As well they will retain their staff and have stronger relationships with customers. A strong focus is therefore encouraging diversity in field engineering teams.
All research shows that diversity in the workplace is a key to success, productivity, and progress. This is very true for field engineering and is being discussed more and more.
This article focuses on how field engineering teams can become more diverse and therefore better performing and stronger.

Diversity and an inclusive culture in field engineering

What is diversity and what does an inclusive culture look like?
A diverse and inclusive culture should be one which does not discriminate based on:
Ethnic origin
Ideology or Religion
Sexual identity
A diverse and inclusive culture appreciates, welcomes, and encourages difference. It does not ignore difference but aims to remove any barriers to entry.

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Ways to have more diversity in field engineering

How can Field Engineering keep moving towards this? There are seven key ways.

New talent

Improve the diversity of the pipeline of new engineers by attracting applicants from the full pool of qualified talent. Ensure that job descriptions are written in a way which does not put up any barriers to applications.


Invest in additional training and courses for some people to make sure everyone has the support and opportunity to have a career as a field engineer. For example, not everyone learns to drive as a teenager. So, consider offering driving tuition to field engineers, or offer alternative ways to travel.
Training offered cannot be the same in each country as this will not result in an overall diverse workforce.

Field engineering team leadership to encourage diversity

Keep a style of management and leadership which is completely inclusive and continues to develop as the team changes.


Maintain a global perspective by thinking globally and acting locally. Encourage your field engineering teams to be in contact with each other so that they can enrich each other’s knowledge base.

PPE, additional clothing and safety equipment

Make sure personal protective equipment is available in the right sizes so that everyone feels comfortable. If none of the boots fit, an engineer won’t feel welcome. More importantly if clothing is too large, it will not just be uncomfortable and difficult to work in but could also present a safety risk.

Alfina Nurul Haqoh an engineer in headscarf and hard hat


Invest in additional equipment so that physical strength is not so vital to do a good job. In addition, make sure that the appropriate training courses are available so that tasks like lifting are made safe for all. The team leaders who are seeking diversity in their teams, revisit the written instructions for service tasks and ensure that they are gender neutral.

Security and diversity in field engineering

Safety and security varies from country to country, location to location but also varies based on age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, ideology or religion and sexual identity. Any organisation needs to take the time to ensure that all members of the field engineering team are equally safe.
At times, in order to keep all engineers equally safe, it may be that the choice of who to send out in the field is more limited. For example, in order to comply with local laws or a risky situation, it can mean that the choice of who to send out in the field is limited to certain engineers.

Conclusion to the value of diversity in field engineering teams

There are some companies that have already embraced the diversity message, and are completely on board with seeking a diverse team.

In other companies the Talent Acquisition and diversity teams are daily battling to keep diversity front and centre of the hiring strategy.

Looking to 2024 and beyond, if your organisation hires only the same type of engineer, they will perpetuate the existing lack of diversity, and this will result in an ageing mono-cultural workforce.

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