Aiming for successful Field Service – the jobs versus engineers ratio

Across industries and in all countries, for successful Field Service more field engineers are needed.
A shortage of Field Engineers loads pressure on existing team members.
In industries where there is a shortage of field engineers, projects get delayed, and equipment remains unusable while waiting to be repaired.

Always certain in life – a shortage of excellent and successful Field Service Engineers

woman engineer with van example of successful field service

What usually happens?

Hiring experienced engineers from competitors has always been the easy option.
But this does not grow the pool of talent, and it leads inevitably to a shortage of new talent coming up through the ranks.

How can we help with successful field service

The Field Engineer community has been created for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is to provide a resource to support people who want to become Field Engineers, as well as those who don’t yet know that they want to become Field Engineers.
We want to provide resources, learning tools, and a database of companies that recruit Field Engineers that can connect job offers with job seekers where they are needed, and when they are needed.
This is the reason for having our Job Board within the community.
We will support companies who want to hire Field based Engineers, and work with them in offering relevant resources to raise the profile of these jobs.
We will engage with engineers and make engineers working in other sectors and job roles aware of the opportunities available in Field Engineering.

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In other words

Strengthen and grow connections within the existing pool of talented Field based Engineers.
That means connect them with the people who want to hire them.
Increase the pool of available talent that is aware of the opportunities in Field Engineering.
Support and encourage companies to improve the training they offer, such as apprenticeships, internships, outreach to universities and colleges, and internally recruiting within their own employee talent pool.

Profile of a good and successful field service field engineer

To target the right talent we need to agree on what skills and personal profile make a good field engineer?

Most team leaders agree that the type of person, their aptitude and attitude, is much more important than existing technical skills alone. So, lots of hiring managers have started looking for a type of person rather than a tick list of specific skills and knowledge.
This type of recruitment can also mean that it is easier to switch industries/sectors as a field engineer.
So, specific technical skills and knowledge aside, what should you look for to find an excellent field engineer?

engineer with computer on wall fixing example of a successful field service

What makes a star and successful field service engineer?

Think of someone you know (or perhaps yourself) who stands out as being a star field based engineer. Then, check how many of the following apply.

Communication skills

Ability to communicate clearly with both colleagues and clients
Strong listening and customer service skills
Able to show respect and empathy as part of communication
Ability to simplify technical data for non-technical clients or colleagues


Hands on skills – maybe as a hobby interest
Physically fit with good stamina


Knowledge of computer software and hardware
Up-to-date IT skills
Ability to generate fast, accurate and informative paperwork/reports on the relevant system

Thought processes

Problem-solving abilities including ‘out of the box’ thinking
Capable of analytical thinking
Very technical way of thinking


Strong organisational skills even when working entirely alone
Attention to detail from the beginning of a customer visit to the end
Excellent time management skills
Ability to multitask but to appear calm while doing it
Easily able to follow detailed plans and instructions
Happy to follow procedures consistently but also to think of ways to feedback about improvements

Health and Safety

Understanding of why health and safety is important in any job
Quick to learn the health and safety policy on any new site visit
Desire to improve health and safety on every site visit and for other colleagues


Interest in technology and innovations and happy to keep up with current trends
Knowledge of other languages – even if only basic
Keen to develop new skills


A sense of humour
Calm and methodical when overcoming difficulties
A desire to delight customers

engineer soldering an example of a successful field service

Reading about successful field service

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