My 3 Reasons I’m A Field Applications Engineer FAE Now

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8 FAEs. Clockwise from top left Darko Nosovic, Jitesh Patel, Danish Aziz, Philip Simpson, Manish Arya, Francesco De Andreis, Mike Farley, Muhammed Mustafa Tarhan

Why should you become a Field Applications Engineer, FAE?

To find out reasons that might convince you that becoming an FAE is the job for you, we asked FAEs from around the world one simple question,

What are your 3 Reasons for being a Field Applications Engineer Now?

Here are their answers.

The reward when you work as a Field Applications Engineer, FAE

Darko Nosovic, GNSS Field Application Engineer, Quectel

Darko Nosovic, GNSS Field Application Engineer, FAE Quectel

Darko Nosovic is an experienced GNSS Field Application Engineer and is passionate about navigating the convergence of technology and precision positioning. He is specialising in deploying and optimising cutting-edge GNSS solutions for diverse applications. Darko is based in Belgrade in Serbia and works for Quectel.

My three reasons for being an FAE now.

  1. Working with top notch technology.
  2. Constant training and therefore knowledge level increasing.
  3. Working as a connection between customer and R&D, solving issues directly in the field, or remotely.

Jitesh Patel, Staff Field Applications Engineer, FAE Analog Devices

Jitesh Patel, Staff Field Applications Engineer, Analog Devices

Jitesh Patel, from India, has worked for General Motors leading car sharing project software design and development. He has also worked as a System Engineer for parking driving assistance systems for the ADAS team at JLR. Jitesh is now a Field Applications Engineer for Analog Devices and is based in Coventry in the UK.

My three reasons for being an FAE now.

  1. I like solving practical problems and I think there are only a few roles that gives this opportunity. As an FAE, no two problems are the same. Also, I get to see problems from different domains, different customers and different reasons.
  2. I like helping and teaching people. This role allows me to do both at once.
  3. I am naturally a bit of an introvert and was avoiding interactions with others as much as possible. So, at the back of my mind I knew I would have to come out of my comfort zone. Most of my previous roles as SW developer or Systems Engineer allowed me to work from my desk for days without having to talk or interact with more than two or three people. So as soon as I was approached for this role, I took a leap of faith and today I interact with at least 20 or so stakeholders on a daily basis, deliver training to large audiences and attend conferences. So being a Field Application Engineer is like finding my Ikigai…
    So, those are my three reasons, but to add to that, I get paid for doing what I like 🙂 Thank you for making me think about why I took this role and how it has made me a better person than I was last year.

Danish Aziz, Field Technical Leader (Comms and Cloud), Analog Devices

Danish Aziz, Field Technical Leader Comms and Cloud Analog Devices

Danish Aziz has a PhD in Communications Engineering and has worked as a Research and Development Engineer for Alcatel and Nokia Bell Labs. He then moved to Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) as a Field Applications Engineer and is now Field Technical Leader (Comms and Cloud) at ADI. Danish is based in Bavaria in Germany.

My three reasons for being an FAE now.

  1. Customer interaction.
  2. Working with cutting edge technologies.
  3. Challenge of demand creation and business development.

Philip Simpson, Field Applications Engineer, Vicor Corporation

Philip Simpson, Field Applications Engineer, Vicor Corporation

Philip Simpson graduated in Engineering and then worked as an Electronic Designer specialising in the design of interfaces to sensors and battery-operated embedded systems. He works as an FAE for Vicor Corporation and is based in Witham in the UK.

My three reasons for being an FAE now.

  1. I like helping people.
  2. I love traveling.
  3. I enjoy meeting like-minded people.

Manish Arya, Field Application Engineer, FAE /Business Development, Silan Microelectronics

Manish Arya Field Application Engineer, FAE Business Development at Silan Microelectronics

Manish Arya has experience as an R & D Embedded Engineer as well as in project development support. He has worked as an FAE responsible for the ST microelectronics portfolio and is now Field Application Engineer /Business Development for Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics. Manish is based in Delhi in India.

My three reasons for being an FAE now.

  1. To learn and support the customer and new technology in electronics for growing the business revenue with current organisation.
  2. Upgrade and update about the upcoming market trends about technology.
  3. Day by day sales target achieved with sales points.

Francesco De Andreis, Senior Technology Field Application Engineer Analog, Arrow Electronics

Francesco De Andreis Senior Technology Field Application Engineer, FAE, Analog at Arrow Bologna Italy

Francesco De Andreis worked as an R & D engineer and a hardware design engineer before moving into field application engineering. He works for Arrow Electronics . He began his career at Arrow supporting Linear Technology products, and then when LT was acquired by Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), he became Field Application Engineer Analog Devices specialising in analog semiconductor devices. Francesco is based in Bologna in Italy.

My three reasons for being an FAE now.

  1. Curiosity about new technologies. An FAE is constantly updated about them.
  2. Problem solving
  3. Driving innovation on the job through contact and cooperation with my customers.

Mike Farley, Principal Field Applications Engineer, FAE, Infineon Technologies

Mike Farley Principal Field Applications Engineer, FAE at Infineon Technologies UK

Mike Farley is experienced in a number of electronic engineering and customer facing roles, with a previous emphasis on electronic circuit design and more recently the development of commercial and account management skills. He works as Principal Field Applications Engineer for Infineon Technologies and is based in the Wirral in the UK.

My three reasons for being an FAE now.

1. Variety

I love that every day is different. One day is an onsite customer workshop where a number of company engineers and managers gather for mutual updates, bring technical challenges, or gaps to technical understanding: multidisciplinary in nature. They are invariably an opportunity for learning as well as instructing.
Mondays for example are usually an admin day: arranging travel, systems input and internal calls.
Or on another day, travel to company headquarters for training and to meet colleagues. Or, to take them for a coffee on campus to thank them or catch up on a customer related topic.

2. It matches my skillset

The Field Sales role requires a natural curiosity of both the technical subject and the people in their situations. Good interpersonal skills aren’t always high on the list of attributes of the Engineering community. Some may even cite that the most clearly neurodivergent in our circles are capable of the most amazing work due to their hyper-fixations – we all have our examples. An FAE however must be capable of zooming in for the customer and zooming out to see the whole picture for their sales team and company for good situational and relational understanding.

3. Love for the subject

The raison d’être for Electronics is to add more usefulness for the same cost, or to make a similar function for less. This Engineering field supports nearly every product type available for consumers and continues to permeate our modern lives in increasing depth. At its heart are the creative skills of electronic circuit design and system integration, developmental rigour in following processes at the customer. There are also similar skills and practices mirrored at the IC vendor; my employer – this time (hopefully!) always with a view of what our customers need now and importantly what they will need in their next design. I appreciate the need for the creative and the methodical in my work, and most of all, the great people I share my workdays with!

Muhammed Mustafa Tarhan, Staff Analog Field Application Engineer, FAE, Texas Instruments

Muhammed Mustafa Tarhan Staff Analog Field Application Engineer, FAE at Texas Instruments in Istanbul Turkey

Muhammed Mustafa Tarhan studied for a master’s degree in Electronics in Sweden and has worked in Germany. His roles included research and development engineer and production engineer before moving into field application engineering. Muhammed works for Texas Instruments and is based in Istanbul in Turkey.

My three reasons for being an FAE now.

1- Dynamic Problem Solving: As a field application engineer, you’ll tackle diverse challenges daily, applying your technical expertise to solve real-world problems for customers.
2- Customer Interaction: You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with customers, understanding their needs, and providing tailored solutions, which can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying.
3- Continuous Learning: The role constantly exposes you to new technologies and industries, ensuring that you’re always expanding your skill set and knowledge base, which is invaluable in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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