5 Top challenges when you go onsite overseas

This article focuses on the challenges for field service engineers when they need to go onsite overseas.

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The challenges of overseas travel as a field engineer

Whether you are repairing, commissioning or servicing a piece of equipment, your top 5 challenges are quite possibly not going to include the repair, commissioning or servicing job itself.

More likely it will be the logistics and management of the situation, and here are some examples.

1. Transport – Do you have to book your own flights and hire a car or get a taxi ?

2. Accommodation – Do you have to book your own accommodation? And then find the accommodation in an unknown environment?

3. Finding a good place to eat – How do you know where to find something safe and appetising to eat?

4. How do you manage your client’s expectations, needs, and desires when their business needs and work challenges may conflict with yours?

5. How do you handle and overcome language, as well as cultural and communications challenges?

Destination Groups and Forums

We are creating Destination Groups and Forums in our community in order to help field service engineers when they are travelling.

The aim is for your fellow members who are service engineers in your destination locations to share their local knowledge.

Their know how around the industrial estate, wafer fab, industrial zone where you are visiting. They can give you tips on the best car hire firms, local accommodation and cafés and restaurants near to where you are working. In short they will help you deal with challenges onsite overseas.

They might also be able to give you tips on some of the people you might be meeting.

If you are interested in creating a Destination Group for your town, join the community today.

What are your top 5 challenges when you go overseas?

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