Why Ex-Military personnel transition into great civilian Field Service Engineers

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. It celebrates those from the military – past and present.

The technical training and skills the military provides gives a great platform for a career in the civilian field engineering workforce.

Many of the skills and challenges are directly transferrable.

However, it is the soft skills that military service teaches, which are often even more attractive to civilian employers.
Field Engineering is one major area which benefits from the pool of talent available when people end their military service.

Why is this?

Why do ex-military people make good field engineers?
• They have a breadth of cross functional skills
• They have had excellent specialist training
• They often have an aptitude in more than one technical area
• They have a strong work ethic
• They are used to travelling often at short notice
• They are Adaptable
• They have a can do attitude
• They are tenacious
• They are able to be self sufficient, while being very team aware
• They are realistic and pragmatic problem solvers
• They are have learned not to over promise
• They are clear and concise communicators
• They desire to help and make a difference
• They are used to working in dangerous, uncomfortable situations
• They are used to having to make use of the tools and equipment at hand

https://www.gov.uk/guidance/career-transition-partnership UK guidance for transitioning from the military
https://www.dol.gov/agencies/vets US guidance on transitioning from the military

If you have moved from the military to a civilian Field Engineering job, please let us know your experience and advice?

Feel free to add links to relevant information from your country.

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