Snakes inspire flexible robot for surgical repairs

A flexible robot modelled on the flexibility of snakes, made me wonder how many other inventions were based on nature?

So, here are a few examples of inventions based on the natural world:

Sonar from dolphins

Velcro from the burdock plant

Bullet train from kingfisher

LED bulbs from fireflies

Can anyone think of any others?

You can see the full article about the snake inspired robot here:

A repair robot modelled on the flexibility of snakes to access hard-to-reach places in industrial environments is now being modified for use in human surgery.

Developed at Nottingham University and dubbed COBRA, the continuum robot has been demonstrated in jet engine inspection and repair, plus nuclear plant installation and maintenance.
Based in the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) in Manufacturing and On-Wing Technology at the University, researchers have now secured EPSRC-Impact Accelerator funding to adapt COBRA into the first robot in the UK specifically for throat cancer and injury surgery.

Worth Sharing!

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