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Today we are announcing The Field Engineer Store. The Field Engineer Store is an integral part of The Field Engineer plan. Launching soon, you will find the dedicated TFE Store website at . We invite Vendors to contact us about products you would like to sell in the store. We also hope our members will use our store to buy products that they need, as well as to purchase TFE swag.

Having the store in a separate website means that our community website remains focused on career development, mutual support, and networking.

Focusing on building relationships, and learning from friends and colleagues across the world.

Announcing The Field Engineer shop

Our Store will supply what Field Engineers need and desire.

Field Service Engineers, Field Applications Engineers, and Field Sales Engineers spend a lot of time travelling, require special tools and equipment, and most likely have a home office or a home workshop.

So we aim to offer tools, clothing, training tools, books, car and travel accessories, booking services, etc.

We hope to be able to offer special member discounts to all members, as well as additional discounts to paying members.

Supplying what Field Engineers need in their daily working lives and their travels is our goal.

Sell your products in our The Field Engineer Store Storefront

If you think Field based engineers might want to buy your products, get in touch.

If you are a supplier of tools, equipment, clothing, travel products, training courses, events, digital downloads, etc. Please register your interest by using the form below.

Our plan is to offer Vendors the opportunity to sell products in The Field Engineer Store through our Multivendor marketplace. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Some previous blogs for inspiration

We have run a number of “What’s in your toolkit” blogs in the community blog.

The Field Engineer Store blog will run regular product reviews. To make sure our reviews are authentic we want our members and readers to get involved in product reviews.

The store will also be selling The Field Engineer merchandise.

You can show people how much you support our community. Wear our TFE clothing, or use TFE branded swag.

Do you have suggestions for The Field Engineer swag you would like to buy?

Please put your ideas in the form!

Also tell us how much you want to pay for the TFE swag products you are interested in buying?

The place to buy your subscriptions and memberships

Once we launch the Store, it will also be the place where you will be able to buy your subscriptions and memberships to community products like the Job Board and learning platform.

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Becoming a Vendor

If your company wants to sell products in The Field Engineer Store please register your interest via the form below.

(Also if community members want to suggest community swag they might like to buy. Tell us in the form below).

Your company name
Must be a company email address
Tell us about your company and what you would like to sell
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