MACH 2022, AirTech, Drives and Controls,Fluid Power, Smart industry at the NEC

I had a great trip to the NEC in Birmingham this week. Managed to get round Mach2022 , AirTech Expo , Drives and Controls , Fluid Power and Systems , Smart Industry Expo , but just ran out of time, so was not able to visit The Health & Safety Event .

Thanks to everyone who I spoke to at the show. This post would go on forever if I thanked everyone I spoke to.

Special mention to Frank Siegel of Walther Trowal and Christoph Seip of Roemheld for being kind enough to speak to me in German, and for tolerating my “B1 Niveau Deutsch”.

Thanks to Stuart Barratt of EATON for demoing the new easy plugin PLCs. Alexander Strokosch of Lamonde Automation for a fascinating conversation about the history of Silesia and postwar West Germany.

And last but not least John McMahon – the Classic car man, and Roy Dalton – for the reminiscing about Triumph Toledos and Triumph Spitfires, and being transported as kids, a whole team in one car, like sardines, to football matches. John and Matthew the “Kompressoren brothers” from Hertz Kompressoren (made in Turkey) and Renner Kompressoren (made in Germany).

Hope to be in touch with everyone I met in the coming weeks.

I hope everyone had a successful Show

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